How to approach examination questions

ITGS command terms indicate the level of thinking skill required. At the lower level, knowledge recall and description are tested. At the application level, you must apply your knowledge by including reasons or explanation. At the highest level, in depth analysis, argument, and evaluation is required.
Command terms are also closely related to the available marks: shorter 1 or 2 mark questions use command terms including Identify and Define, while Evaluate and Discuss require a longer and more detailed answer but offer many more marks. The image above summarises everything exam question related in ITGS!

Other Resources

Paper 1

Slightly different examinations for SL and HL, based on answering 20 mark questions on a selection of the course topics.

Paper 3

For HL students only, answering questions on the pre-seen case study. This year is 'A Doll Called Alicia'.

Extended Essay

Details and recommendations for students considering writing their Extended Essay in ITGS.

Command Terms

How to approach examination questions that use each of the prescribed command terms for ITGS.